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What is the portal?

This is the Animus Home Recruitment Portal. When we need to expand the team with new people we will do it through this portal. Currently the portal is closed. Check back later.


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Animus Home philosophy

Animus is the latin word for soul or mind. In psychology it is described as the human subconscious where decisions are made and converted into events and reactions. These decisions become conscious and sensible, thus you talk, walk and run.

The Animus Home philosophy is based on this. One system, one heart, to manage the home.


Startup is a lifestyle

Two things are promised in a Startup. One, it's going to be an adventure with ups and downs. Two, things move fast and you will learn more in one week than you would have done in one month if you worked in a corporate setting. It's not always going to be easy and that's why we believe that having the right team members is key.

Would you fit this lifestyle?

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